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Since 1959, Ace Metal Kraft has been a state of the art precision metal fabricating company. Located in Northern NJ in a highly industrialized area of the northeastern US, Ace Metal Kraft has always worked to provide quality parts to our customers.

 Our Philosophy

One of the great hallmarks of Ace Metal Kraft is our accessibility and responsiveness to our customers. We are interested in solving the customer's total problem, not just one isolated component. For many of our clients we fabricate the parts, assemble the final product, and enclose in the final packaging. The scope of our projects range from working to exact specifications with extremely close tolerances to developing complex, functional products for clients bearing no more than a simple conceptual sketch, a trait which draws heavily upon our vast experience in the metal fabrication trade.

Our approach towards precision metal fabrication is to continually upgrade and maintain the equipment to state-of-the-art levels. This insures that production schedules and quality are maintained. The factory environment at Ace Metal Kraft is clean and well-organized and adheres to OSHA regulations. We are justly proud of our excellent safety record. Factory inspections of our metal fabrication facility by our clients and potential customers are welcome at all times.

More and more companies are requiring JIT (just-in-time) delivery for the metal products that they need. No inventory is kept on hand. These clients cannot afford to have poor, substandard, or out-of-spec metal products delivered to their facility at the exact time that the parts are needed in the assembly process. From the very beginning our standard practice has been to deliver consistently high-quality products in-spec and on time.




End Users

  As a Custom Metal Fabricator, Ace Metal Kraft is know for it’s accessibility and responsiveness. Sheet metal fabrication using everything from hand sketches to engineered drawings. We work with  corporations, medium and small companies, as well as individuals looking to tap our vast resource of experience in the field of metal fabrication. 

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HOURS: 7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri

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